“The Legend Of Aku Sika”: National Theatre honours Prof. Martin Owusu with stage play next month

Accra, May 22, GNA – The National Theatre and its resident theater groups will, next month, stage another captivating production titled the “The Legend of Aku Sika”.

The play was written by Professor Martin Owusu, a renowned Ghanaian playwright, actor and a director, and will be directed by actress and media personality, Naa Ashorkor.

Naa Ashorkor, also the CEO of April Production, makes her debut in theatre directing with the well-crafted stage play, and will be assisted by George Quaye, CEO of image Bureau.

It will show at the National Theatre on June 1st and 2nd, and repeated on June 8th and 9th, 2024, at 4pm and 7pm, each day.

“The Legend of Aku Sika” highlights social norms and beliefs of a society and juxtaposes them with the influence of “destiny and fate which remain unknown to man”, the hosts said in a press statement.

Transposed from an old folktale, “The Legend of Aku Sika” recounts the plight of a young woman, Aku, suffering a hand deformity caused during her childhood by a trap which was set for animals in the bush but went off accidentally.

According to the narrative, Aku, grew into a brilliant young lady with an extraordinary beauty but manages to conceal her deformity from public view because society treated the physically challenged as “inferior” and did not allow persons with deformity to “have anything to do with royalty”.

“In her low self-esteem, Aku lives a very humble, respectful, and dutiful life.” Her stunning beauty eventually attracts the King of her town who takes her as a wife.

As her reaction to rivalry and evil accusation of the King’s senior-most wife, she attempts to end her life to avoid “imminent disgrace”.

“On the banks of a river, where she planned to die by suicide, a river spirit appeared and gave Aku a clue on how to solve her problem and advises her to keep it a secret and reveal it only on the day of her trial.”

“The dreaded day comes for Aku to expose her deformity but lo and behold, her abnormal arm is rather decorated with gold.” The king’s senior-most wife is found guilty of evil machination and sentenced accordingly.

The play will be performed by the National Dance company, National Drama company and the National Symphony Orchestra in partnership with Image Bureau and April communications, along with other guests artistes.