Electrical contractors must uphold the highest standards

By Morkporkpor Anku

Accra, Feb. 28, GNA- Mr Anthony Bleboo, Director, Electricity and Natural Gas Directorate at the Energy Commission, says electrical contractors must recognize their responsibility to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety.

He said by registering with the Commission, contractors demonstrated their commitment to comply with regulatory requirements, adhere to best practices, and prioritize the safety of life and property in all electrical installations.

Mr Bleboo was speaking at the 20th Electrical Wiring Certification and Awards Ceremony in Accra on the theme: “Ensuring the Safety of Life and Property through the Promotion of Standardized

Cables and Accessories.”

For the just-ended November/December 2023 Certification Examination, 938 practitioners registered nationwide for the certification examination of which 752 were successful, representing a pass rate of 80.17 per cent.

For the Accra Centre, 327 people were registered of which 195 were successful.

He said this remarkable figure was a testament to the dedication and hard work of each of the Certified Electrical Wiring Professionals (CEWPs), who had passed the examination processes, as well as to the commitment of the Commission to uphold industry standards and promote excellence in the field.

The Director said in addition to certifying individual electricians, the Commission also placed great emphasis on the registration of electrical contractors.

Mr Bleboo said these Contractors played a vital role

in ensuring the quality and safety of electrical installations across various sectors, including domestic, commercial, and industrial.

“We have currently registered six (6) Electrical Wiring Contractors and the register of registered electrical contractors can be found on the website of the Commission for use by the public,” he added.

He said so far, they had milestones with a current nationwide count of 15,544 Certified Electrical Wiring Professionals and Inspectors.

He said through the registration process, they had established a framework that fostered professionalism, accountability, and adherence to the Electrical Wiring Code (GS 1009) within the electrical contracting industry.

He said Parliament had passed into law the Electrical Wiring Cables and Accessories Regulations (L.I.2478) and the Commission would commence its implementation this year.

Mr Oscar Amonoo-Neizer, Executive Secretary of the

Energy Commission said it was their unwavering commitment to ensure the safety of electrical installations across the nation.

He said through a rigorous examination process, “we strive to certify competent electricians who play a pivotal role in advancing our energy infrastructure and enhancing public safety.”

He said the use of quality-approved materials was essential to ensuring the integrity and reliability of electrical systems, thereby safeguarding lives and property from potential hazards such as electrical fires, shocks, and equipment failures.

The Executive Director said as stakeholders in the electrical industry, they must prioritize the use of cables and accessories approved by the Ghana Standards Authority, to uphold the highest standards of safety associated with electrical wiring in Ghana.

He said it was worrying to note that many buildings, including State-owned ones, still had outdated electrical wiring installations with little to no repair

or renovation since their initial installation, dating back several decades.

“Outdated electrical wiring is not only prone to malfunctions and breakdowns but also poses serious safety hazards such as electrical fires and electrocution,” he added.

He said it was imperative to prioritize the implementation of periodic inspection and testing, as mandated by the Ghana Electrical Wiring Regulations 2011 (L.I.2008).

Professor Alex Dodoo, the Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority, said the Authority had deployed 300 trained trading standard inspectors across the regions to increase the market surveillance on substandard cables and accessories.

He said the trained trading standard inspectors would heighten testing and inspection of all imported cables to rid the market of substandard cables