Codetrain Tech Seminar: Technology companies urged to provide attractive packages to retain employees   

Accra, Oct. 16, GNA – Founders and owners of technology companies should provide attractive packages that will help retain and develop employees in the industry. 

That aside, they have been encouraged to create flexible work environment to enable staff deliver at their optimum. 

These were the fall outs of a panel discussion held as part of Codetrain Africa Tech Career Seminar in Accra.  

 The event saw about 96 participants demonstrate various mobile and software applications developed to tackle real life problems. 

It also deliberated on factors to enable employers attract the best talents and how jobseekers can secure dream jobs in local and international technology firms. 

It brought on board trainees and key personalities in the industry, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Meqasa, Mr Kelvin Nyame, Selasie Anani, Chief Technology Officer, Mpharma, Mr Kena Amoah, CEO of MITA,  and  Mr Ishak Abubakar, CEO Gitcal. 

The panel, moderated by Mr Richard Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, Codetrain Africa, agreed that passion, hardwork, and vision were some of the essential traits owners of technology firm looked out for in potential recruits.  

Taking turns to make contributions, the discussants established that an accommodating workspace could help tech professionals unleash their creativity and hidden potentials. 

Offering tips to persons seeking tech jobs, Mr Ishak Abubakar stressed the importance of having a good portfolio, indicating that “lack of experience is no longer an excuse in the technology industry. 

“Your portfolio gives a sneak peek into what you can do. Whiles you are studying in school, you should be building your portfolio, don’t wait until you graduate before you start building a portfolio,” he said. 

For his part, Mr Kena Amoah noted that owners of tech companies must consider their staff as business partners and not just employees. 

“The culture should be such that the employee feels this is my business, and in my absence the company will continue running.”  

“If you are applying for a job, do not just apply because of the salary, but be sure that you are applying to a company whose vision and mission aligns with yours,” he added. 

Mr Anani, on the other hand, believed employers looked beyond one’s ability to crack computer codes.  

He said good communication skills was important.  

Mr Kelvin Nyame also emphasised the importance of building a work environment that would make the employee make the right decisions and stay motivated. 

He asked graduates to position themselves as persons “who are willing to learn,” adding that employees must showcase the bigger vision they had for themselves and their career during the interview session. 

While technology companies were urged to uphold quality standards and best practices, personnel in the industry were admonished to shun unethical behaviours, which impacted business owners negatively. 

Codetrain Africa is a leading coding bootcamp inspiring African youth to secure positions in the global tech arena.  

It has trained over 600 graduates with about 89 percent of them securing jobs in local and international tech companies. 

Ms Sarah Nkansah, a trainee of Codetrain Africa, praised facilitators of the programme for the insight gained during the 12-months training at the institution. 

Mr Prince Kelie Anyomitse, who enrolled his junior brother on the course, was grateful for the partial scholarship the institution granted his sibling. 

“It has been a life-transforming experience for him; I am confident he has developed his soft skills and is ready to take up other projects in future,” he stated.