My track record shows what I can do for this country — Alan Kyerematen 

Accra, Feb 03, GNA — Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, an Independent Presidential Candidate, has asked Ghanaians to look at his track record over the years and vote for him as President in the upcoming December 7 elections. 

He said his track record, both in the public and private sectors, showed what he could offer the country if voted for as the President, adding that Ghana needed a leader with vision, competence, integrity and execution capability, to steer it to prosperity.  

“First, there is a tendency in this country that people feel when they listen to , that they come to a conclusion that, ooh, we’ve heard this, we’ve heard this before. Yes, you may have had the opportunity of listening to other politicians basically say the same thing, but the important thing to consider is who is the messenger? It’s not about the message, it’s about who is the messenger, who are you listening to, that’s what’s important,” Mr Kyerematen said on Accra-based JoyNews’ Saturdays programme, the Newsfile.  

He added that: “I can’t hold brief for what other politicians have said in the past. I want people to listen to me and understand what I am saying on the basis of my own records and my credibility. I have a very distinguished career, both locally and internationally, in various fields — in public service, in politics, in enterprise development, in the private sector and in law. So, it is on the basis of my professional record that I make those representations of what I can do for this country.” 

Mr Kyerematen, who is the Founder and Leader of the Movement for Change, said it was time Ghanaians stopped electing leaders based on political colour, calling on them to end the duopoly of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

He explained that the duopoly had caused more developmental harm than good to the country due to ineffective and inefficient use of the nation’s resources.  

“I have been preaching the fact that we must move beyond the duopoly. The reason why we must do that is number one, the divisiveness that is occasioned by the duopoly is not sustainable, it doesn’t help our country, number two and equally important is the fact that, when you have a duopoly, it does a number of things such as, there is no continuity in terms of, not just governance, but the kinds of projects and programmes that are initiated by successive governments,” Mr Kyerematen said.  

The former Trade Minister added that, “There is also a winner-takes-all mentality, which then obscures us from the opportunity to use planning that are available. So, if for example, there is this understanding that we are working towards one common objective, there has to be continuity.” 

He reiterated his commitment to transform the country’s economy through industrialisation as contained in his Great Transformation Plan if elected as the president. 

Mr Kyerematen declared his intention to run as an Independent Presidential Candidate following his resignation from the NPP, in September, last year.