SparkLife International supports teenage girls in the Oti Region  

By Stanley Senya 

Accra, Dec. 29, GNA – SparkLife International, an International NGO, has provided free sanitary pads and period supplies to approximately 350 teenage girls in the Oti Region. 

The organisation and its team have identified the menstrual cycle as a major barrier for some vulnerable adolescent girls, particularly in deprived schools and communities.  

A statement issued in Accra by Destiny Selormey, Founder of SparkLife International, said these girls also use unhygienic materials to protect themselves in that situation. 

“This is all part of the organization’s Hygiene Project, which began in 2022,” it said. 

The statement said women were the world’s most beautiful people and should be supported and encouraged to take on leadership roles in our communities.  

It said every teenage girl should have access to menstrual hygiene as it was a human right and helped to avoid sex trafficking. 

The statement said many girls in deprived schools and communities lacked access to affordable and hygienic menstrual products and this could lead to unhygienic practices, affecting the girls’ health and well-being.  

It said without proper menstrual hygiene management, girls may miss school during their periods, leading to a significant educational gap. 

The statement said providing free sanitary pads would help ensure continuous attendance and participation in school activities.  

“Menstruation is a natural biological process, and every girl deserves to manage it with dignity and access to free sanitary products empower girls, fostering a sense of dignity and confidence,” it added. 

It said in many cultures, menstruation was accompanied by social stigma and taboos and by providing free sanitary products and promoting education about menstruation, the stigma could be challenged and gradually eliminated.  

The statement said using unsuitable materials as makeshift alternatives could lead to infections and health issues and access to proper menstrual products contributed to the overall health and well-being of adolescent girls.  

It said families in deprived communities often faced financial constraints, making it difficult to afford sanitary products and providing these products for free can alleviate financial burdens on families. 

“Addressing the menstrual needs of adolescent girls is a step towards gender equality. It ensures that girls have equal opportunities in education and reduces the gender disparity often associated with menstruation,” it added.  

It said education was a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and by supporting girls in deprived areas with menstrual products, you contributed to breaking down barriers that hinder their education and prospects.  

Overall, the provision of free sanitary pads or period products is a crucial component in promoting the health, education, and empowerment of vulnerable adolescent girls in deprived schools and communities.

It commended the team and donor for their support, saying they were committed to changing lives and touching souls.