Deplorable state of Mankoadze road affecting businesses and drivers 

By Kristodia Otibu Asiedu/Zainab Abdul Hamid 

Tema, July 9, GNA- The Mankoadze road linking Tema Community One to the Timber Market and Tema Newtown has become deplorable, causing significant hardship for businesses, operators, and drivers. 

The road’s condition has become a major concern, with deep potholes, crumbling asphalt, and massive dust clouding the area, affecting businesses along the stretch and passengers and drivers who use it to their various destinations. 

Madam Agatha Fosu, a food vendor, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the road’s condition was affecting her sales, as dust emanating from the road makes it difficult to operate during the day. 

She stated that she had resorted to moving her business to a nearby shop at night after the owners closed. “I have to move to a nearby shop at night, after the owners close, just to make a few sales.” 

Commercial drivers plying the road also shared their frustrations with the GNA, citing frequent breakdowns and costly visits to the mechanic shop. 

Mr Isaac Asiedu, a driver, explained that the poor condition of the road was causing damage to his vehicle’s suspension and tyres, leading to increased maintenance costs. 

“I have to visit the mechanic every week because of the road, and this is affecting my business income,” he said. 

Mr Stephen Agyeman, a taxi driver, echoed similar concerns, stating that the road’s condition is not only damaging his vehicle but also affecting his ability to provide for his family. 

“I have to work extra hours just to make up for the repairs and maintenance caused by this road,” he said. 

Some pedestrians who use the road have expressed concerns about the hazardous conditions they face by using the road, citing the excessive dust and the dangerous manoeuvring of vehicles trying to avoid potholes. 

Meanwhile, other roads that are in a deplorable state and need immediate attention include parts of the harbour-to-Tema interchange road. 

From the harbour roundabout towards the Mankoadze roundabout, and the Valco roundabout towards the Tema Oil Refinery, Nestle Road, as well as towards the interchange, all have deep trenches, with some having sharp stones projecting, a potential cause of crashes as vehicles and harbour trucks all try to swerve them.