Majority of Ghanaian songs lack spirituality value – Enam  

By Simon Asare 

Accra, June 10, GNA – Ghanaian vocalist Enam has stated that most songs released by artists today sound plain and lack spiritual value. 

Enam, who recently released her single ‘Libation’, believes that music is one of the most powerful instruments for connecting with others in a variety of ways. 
“Try watching a movie without music or sound, or attending church without hearing music. Music is intended to trigger something deep within us. Something we call spirituality, and when you tap into it, you discover methods to manipulate the world to your will. This bending emerges in a variety of ways, including the ability to impact one’s own life,” the singer explained. 

According to Enam, her genre, Afro-Spiritual, was influenced by the “Hadzivodushis” (priestesses of the song) of the “Yeʋe” Shrine in the Volta Region. 

“Music reaches beyond the visible to impact our consciousness, and this impact can be helpful or harmful. Enam emphasised that any style of music devoid of something deep will not fulfil its intended effect on the human soul. 

“I see music as a mediator of spiritual life. Music has become part of everyday life, and I feel most songs lack spirituality.  

“Some artists are only concerned with the rhythmic aspect of the sound and how danceable it is, but forget the spiritual connotation,” Enam said in an interview. 

The powerful singer further stated that her purpose in pursuing the Afro-spiritual genre was to make people feel the spirituality of Ghanaian Indigenous people, which was one of her reasons for pursuing a career in music.  

“Ghanaian music has so much depth, especially when we return to study the way sound has been used by our people, particularly within our indigenous spiritual practices. Everything has a meaning and a purpose,” she noted. 

Following the success of her six-track EP, which features award-winning Highlife artiste Akwaboah, Enam is on a mission to revive interest in the wisdom held in traditional music, and “Libation” is a clear example. 

Her new ‘Libation’ song is accompanied by some intriguing visuals that invoke a feeling of oneness with the earth and water. At the core of it, that is what spirituality is all about and the oneness in the world we live in.