AUSC impressed with facilities for 13th African Games

By Rihana Adam

Accra, Mar. 11, GNA – Dr. Decius Chipande, Coordinator Africa Union Sports Council (AUSC), has said he is impressed with the facilities provided for the on-going 13th African Games, in Accra.

At a press conference at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, he said “yes, I’m very impressed with the Games Village, and all the nine venues for the games because hosting such an event is not easy”.

He said, “African Games brings athletes together, promotes culture, positive values, solidarity and integration across the continent”.

He added that the Games had also offered effective platform for fostering youth inclusion, gender equality and social cohesion, which were key priorities for making the agenda 2063 aspirations of “The African We Want” a tangible reality”.

He said the AU Policy for Sustainable Development of Sports in Africa 2023-2033 encourages member states, AU Sports Council Regions and sports federations to mainstream gender within safe and inclusive sport policy frameworks as well as other collaborative initiatives with UN and international entities.

Mr. Volero De Divitus, Programme Coordinator United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism (UNOCT) said sports was one of the tools, which prevented terrorist attacks.

He said, “Sport has the power to strengthen communities, promote cultural values, and prevents social vices”.

According to Mr. De Divitus UNOCT was in a collaboration with AUSC to promote the value of sport and to build a relationship to fight violent extremism.

He said, “we are also in collaboration with the council in the upcoming events on the continent such as Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, the AFCON in Morocco, the Youth Olympics 2026 in Senegal, AFCON 2027 edition in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda”.

He said in a few weeks UNOCT offices would be coming out with their guidelines reflecting youth experience, youth perspectives on how sports prevent violence extremism.
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