CMB fire outbreak: Man’s charred taxi becomes bored children’s play toy

By James Amoh Junior

Accra, Sept. 18, GNA – Tete Glakpey, a taxi driver, whose taxi was tragically engulfed in flames has become a new toy for the children of one of Accra’s deprived communities.

The taxi has been reduced to a char and unrecognizable wreck in a fire outbreak at CMB market fire in Accra in the early hours of Sunday.

The remains of the only source of income for the poor man are a heap of ashes, a twisted metal frame and coil of spokes which is now an unlikely playground for unperturbed children.

The children have thrown caution to the wind and are having a field day in the debris while their parents attempt to salvage some of their lost items.

Fire swept through shops at CMB, behind Kantamanto in Accra, leaving in its trail charred goods worth millions of Ghana cedis.

The cause of the fire which started around 4:00 am, as reported by eyes witnesses Sunday, is currently unknown.

Firefighters from the Ghana National Fire Service were dispatched to the scene, but the fire had already spread to several shops.

Mr Glakpey’s taxi was among the many “properties” destroyed in the inferno.

Formerly a full-time mason, he bought the taxi to supplement his meagre wages as an artisan.

Sadly, on Sunday, the taxi, which had become his mainstay, was burnt in the fire, leaving him and his family distraught.

Now without a job, Mr Glakpey wonders how to fend for his wife and three children.

Like his taxi, the shops, stalls, homes and dreams of others have turned to rubble.

He, therefore, calls on the Government and benevolent individuals for support and resources to rebuild their lives and rise through the ashes with restored hope.

Ghana lost more than GH¢64 million to 6,796 fire outbreaks in 2022, resulting in 50 deaths and 241 injuries. 

The fire outbreaks have dealt a big blow to many people and organizations, with the Government losing property and other valuables. 

The repercussions of those losses have been dire, with some people still grappling with difficulties that came with it. 

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia recently described the situation as unacceptable and called for collective efforts by all Ghanaians by way of adhering to fire safety precautions to stop the phenomenon. 

Fire safety is not only a concern in the markets and public spaces but even in offices. With the phenomenon of high-rise buildings, one can only imagine what will happen if fire dares the stairs.