NAFAC 2022: Scenes from regional day four of festival

By Prince Acquah 

Cape Coast, Dec 14, GNA – The spectacular display of rich Ghanaian cultural heritage at the National Festival of Arts and Culture in Cape Coast continued with the Upper West, Ahafo, Eastern and Northeast Regions demonstrating superb mouth-watering performances to tout their cultural wealth.  

The Upper West Region, represented by the Tengmaal Cultural Troupe entertained the audience with the Bewaa dance, which is usually performed at the Kakube Festival to thank their ancestors for bumper harvest.  

The Royal Kete Group and Nana Minta Kete Dance Group from the Ahafo Region jointly delivered a splendid Kete dance to the admiration of all.  

From the Eastern Region, the Folkloric Cultural Troupe also came on with the Kete dance while the ‘Nea Onnim No Sua a, Ohu’ Cultural Troupe performed Fontonfrom, a dance which encourages and hail royals and dignitaries at functions.  

The Adisadel School Park was later lightened up with the Gingaga Dance by the Gambaga Gingaga Cultural Troupe from the North East Region.  

Gingaga is a unisex dance performed at big occasions such as funerals of chiefs or elderly persons and other special occasions as it is associated with royalty.  

The group hopped onto the stage for the second time with the Tora dance, a dance originally performed by women at weddings, funerals, and other special gatherings. It is also a way women express their good mood.  

Here are some scenes from the day-four of the performances .