Students must use knowledge acquired to develop workable solutions

Accra, Oct. 1, GNA – Mr Anis Haffar, an Educationist, has called on students to find ways to contribute to developing solutions to societal problems.

He said the ultimate outcome of education in the 21st Century was to use the knowledge acquired to solve challenges that confront the society.

Mr Haffar made the comments during the graduation and awards ceremony of The Barstow School, Ghana Campus in Accra.

The event is on the theme: “Empowering the Modern-Day Learner through Holistic Learning and Enterprising.”

The graduation was for Pupils from Kindergarten to Grade One.

Mr Haffar said, “If you have a degree in English, Mathematics, Sociology, Chemistry, Science, and the others, the most important thing these days is that what that knowledge can be used to provide change in society.”

Mr Albert Arthur, Managing Director, The Barstow School, Ghana Campus, said the current generation of students were very smart and sophisticated, such that, educators and parents have no choice than to expose these young ones to both academic and practical life practices.

“It is our collective duty to let our younger ones know what it takes to be educated,” he stressed.

Mr Arthur said, “this is a time to start to achieve greater heights, and that their parents have sacrificed and have been willing to give all it takes to educate them.”

“This is an exciting time in your life, a time to really start seeking to achieve greater heights, but I can assure you of the best choice your parents made and have sacrificed to get you to this place,” he said 

“Now, it is your turn to take your studies at the levels ahead seriously as we progress with you in your next educational and life careers,” he added.

Mr Arthur said, “…but in a very few years to come, you are the ones who will bring solutions to environmental concerns, global warming, conservation of natural resources and development of alternative energy sources.”

He commended  teachers and parents for their support, dedication, sacrifices and commitment in all aspects to educate their children.

Ms Rosalynn William Mensah, Academic Principal of The Barstow School, Ghana Campus, said every child had a unique personality traits, interests, preferences, values, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses. 

She again said, the educational curriculum at the Barstow School helps every child find his or her unique place in the world in alignment with the uniqueness they possess.

“Nowadays, most companies and organisations not only consider a student’s overall academic performance but also consider the holistic development of students when they recruit for various jobs,” Ms Mensah said.

Ms Mensah said, with the advent of new-age technologies and teaching methods, the overall holistic development of a child in pre-school had become a necessity, for which reason, the holistic development of students at primary and secondary schools have also become crucial.

“Today, as we celebrate all the young ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow, we know that they have started their remarkable journey towards achieving their goals, and that this year has seen them grow and develop exponentially,” she added.