Jamaican Reggae legend Easton Singer Jay Clark to storm Ghana

Accra, June 16, GNA – After years of a blissful reggae music career, Jamaican Artiste Easton Singer Jay Clark is concluding arrangements for a “pilgrimage’ and mega show in Ghana.

His dream and mission is to come to Africa and Ghana to celebrate 50 years as a Reggae Artiste since his first hit was in 1975, says Black Santino, who has teemed
up with Debbie Lewis Booking Agency (USA) to make that dream a reality.

Easton Singer Jay Ckarke, the Highpriest of Reggae, was born 23rd of December in Hanover, Jamaica in the year 1955.

At the age of 19+, he became a top star with his first recording (BIKE NO LICENSE) under the name Easton Clarke which was number one on the local chart.

He has done a lot of recordings with various labels such as MICRON, UPSETTERS, GG ALSTARS and more.

As artist rise and fall, he decided to change his stage name to (SINGER JAY) and in 1988 Easton rose on top for the second time winning the Jamaica Festival Song Contest with the name Easton (Singer Jay) Clarke.

He decided ftom the start of his career to spread only cultural music so there was never one shameful word in his lyrics. He has done many live shows in Germany, Holland and Belgium “but the mission has not been completed. Africa awaits me. So Ghana watch out,” he said.