Sunyani Forest District nurtures 200-hectare forest reserve 

By Benjamin Akoto  

Sunyani, May 22, GNA – The Forest Services Division, Sunyani is nurturing a 200-hectare forest plantation at the Amama Forest Reserve within the Sunyani Municipality as a key component of the Green Ghana project. 

The initiative, which commenced during the inaugural Green Ghana Day in 2021, involved the planting of various tree species such as ceiba and cedrela to facilitate the regeneration and reforestation of the Combatant 28 area. 

Mr Francis Brobbey, the District Manager, told the media during an inspection of the forest near Atronie, that the division successfully planted 50 hectares in its initial efforts in the year 2021. 

He further mentioned that they have since expanded their cultivation to 200 hectares by the 2023 Green Ghana Day, with the tree plants displaying promising growth and thriving conditions. 

Mr Brobbey explained that the Forestry Commission always faced criticism for not caring for the tree plants distributed during the Green Ghana project and highlighted numerous examples of the trees grown thriving under the project, adding that the Amama reserve was no exception. 

He underscored the potential for the country to restore, regenerate, and reforest its depleted forest reserves, urging the citizens to embrace tree planting to reap economic, social, and environmental benefits. 

Reflecting on the success of the Green Ghana initiative, Mr Samuel Otu, Registrar of the District Magistrate Court at Nsoatre, shared the challenges encountered in nurturing the acacia and other tree seedlings planted since 2022. 

He attributed the challenges primarily to community interference, as the designated tree planting area was being utilized as a children’s playground. 

Mr Otu called upon Ghanaians to recognize the value of trees and support the Green Ghana project by participating in tree-planting initiatives to ensure a greener and more sustainable environment.