FDA launches campaign on Christmas food Safety 

By Morkporkpor Anku 

Accra, Dec. 02, GNA -The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has launched its Food Safety Campaign towards the 2022 Christmas celebration and encouraged market women to idolise cleanliness. 

The campaign, which was launched at the Kaneshie Market in Accra, is to highlight some of the things market women and consumers can actively do to ensure food safety and keep themselves and families from contracting food poisoning. 

Madam Faustina Atupra, Head of Food Safety Consumer Education Department at FDA, speaking launch of the Campaign, said as an Authority, “We will always make your wellbeing our priority.” 

The campaign formed part of the National Food Safety Policy developed by the Authority and its partners to build a resilient system that assures safe and suitable food for all consumers. 

It is also to strengthen food safety governance in Ghana, strengthen institutional coordination and collaboration and promote and ensure harmonization, synergy and enforcement of laws and regulation on food safety in Ghana. 

The Policy covers the laws, institutions, organisations and systems dealing with food related issues and how they interact to ensure national food safety and recognised the development objectives of Ghana as well as international guidelines and conventions which Ghana has ratified. 

She said as Christmas approached, there would be a lot of celebrations and there was no celebration without food. In the Ghanaian culture, food is a very big part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  

She said with that, there was always an increase in trading of food stuffs and other food products on the market.  

Madam Atupra said everyone had a role to play in ensuring that foods were safe during Christmas.  

She urged them to check prepackaged products “for expiry/ Best Before dates Defaced labels, English Labeling, made in Ghana foods should have FDA registration numbers, cans should not be rusty, bloated or dented packages should be sealed and intact and there should no pest infestation in grains and packaged products.” 

She called on the public to watch out and be vigilant when they hear “Donkomi, Donkomi,” adding that “remember to pay more attention to all the things mentioned earlier.” 

Madam Atupra  asked consumers to watch and buy food from restaurants, Chop Bars, fast food joints which have the Food Hygiene Permits.  

She said all street Food vendors must have Street Food Vending Permits and “this tells the consumers that they have fulfilled all food safety and hygiene requirements and the FDA had certified them to prepare and sell food to the public.” 

The market women were educated on food handling practices and personal hygiene in the market, and they were advised to avoid food adulteration. 

Madam Jocelyne Egyakwa-Amusah, Head of Food Safety Coordination and Consumer Education Department of FDA, called on the women to report anyone who adulterated commodities in the market to the Authority.