Pan African Women’s Organization partners Africa Monologue Challenge to Change narratives

Accra, July 10, GNA – The Africa Monologue Challenge (AMC) has gained an ally in its mission to reshape perceptions of Africa.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday in Accra said the Pan African Women’s Organization, Uganda Chapter (PAWO – Uganda) had officially joined forces with the AMC as a lifetime partner, aiming to elevate the project’s status and use it as a catalyst for positive change.

It said the signing of the partnership agreement took place in Kampala, Uganda, where representatives from MK Casting, Ghana’s premier casting Company, the African Chamber of Content producers, the Pan African’s Women’s organization, Uganda Chapter and the Consulate of Ghana in Kampala, came together to solidify their commitment.

“PAWO, often regarded as the Pan African mother figure, will serve as the guiding force behind the AMC, ensuring that its series of events achieves its lofty objectives. The Africa Monologue Challenge Season 2 is expected to commence in Uganda between 25th July and 30th August 2024 under the auspices of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and the Pan African Women’s Organization (PAWO)”.

“Season 2 of the AMC is happening in Uganda as a result of Uganda’s Rachael Nduhukire winning the season one of AMC held in Accra Ghana in 2023”.

According to the PAWO Uganda team, led by Secretary General of PAWO, Dr. Majoro Grace Kabayo, PAWO Uganda’s commitment extended beyond mere collaboration and it represented a shared vision to combat negative stereotypes and showcase Africa’s untold success stories through a synergy with all Pan African stakeholders across the world.

The PAWO team stated that for years, it had championed empowerment initiatives for women and youth across Africa.

The Secretary General of PAWO therefore recognizes the AMC as a powerful platform to amplify these success stories, inspiring other Africans to contribute actively to the continent’s development.

The AMC founders expressed optimism for the partnership adding that, Africa, often affectionately called “Mother Africa” or “Mama Africa,” looks to PAWO to step up as its nurturing figure.

They therefore believe that with the AMC now under the hands of the Pan African Women’s Organization, the project takes on new significance and reiterated that PAWO’s commitment to identifying projects that elevate the continent’s image aligns seamlessly with the AMC’s mission.

The statement said the AMC’s innovative approach involved bringing together 10 finalists out of over two thousand entries from different African countries to live together under one roof.

“This cultural exchange fosters dialogue, understanding, and unity. By showcasing Africa’s diversity, the AMC aims to demonstrate the benefits of a unified continent”.

The Secretary General of PAWO believed that the AMC could be a powerful tool to amplify positive stories and inspire further action.

By bringing together the 10 finalists for a cultural exchange programme, the initiative aims to showcase a united Africa and spark conversations about the benefits of continental collaboration.

“As a specialized agency of the African Union, PAWO will act as the AMC’s long term ‘mother figure,'” explained the Secretary General. “We will connect and liaise with all relevant stakeholders, including sponsors, to amplify the initiative’s impact and create a lasting positive influence for Africa”.

The CEO of MK Casting Mr. Mawuko Kuadzi stated that PAWO’s role extends beyond partnership; it serves as a vital connector and a mother figure between other stakeholders, including MK Casting, the African Chamber of Content Producers, the National Film Authority of Ghana, and the Uganda Communications Commissions (UCC).

He revealed that talks were underway with AU bodies such as the Economic and Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (AU ECOSOCC), the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement Area (AfCFTA), and the Africa Audio Visual and Cinema Commission (AACC) to support the AMC in various capacities.

The Executive Director of the African Chamber of Content Producers, Nana Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin in an interview revealed that the AMC aims to shift the prevailing negative narratives about Africa.

“We want to highlight the untold success stories, innovations, and cultural richness that often go unnoticed. Through this process we can let Africans in Africa and the diaspora experience the Africa that is often shielded by global media, and let them make their decisions of investments, relocation or trade in Africa guided by the right image of this beautiful continent.

This will further encourage intra African trade among different African industries and consumers, he stated”.

According to him, the synergy between PAWO and other stakeholders, including diplomatic corps, promises to start discussions on Africa’s real integration and development.

“As a mother partner, PAWO is resolute in bringing all relevant parties together to support the vision of the Africa Monologue Challenge Season 2, set to unfold in Uganda. This remarkable Pan African event is poised to leave an indelible impact for years to come”, he disclosed.