Africa Monologue Challenge partners Kiira motors as Pan-African Transport Partner 

Accra, July 10, GNA – Kiira Motors Incorporated, a Ugandan manufacturer of electric buses and coaches, has revved up as the official transport partner for Season 2 of the Africa Monologue Challenge (AMC), in Uganda from July 26th to August 30th, 2024. 

During a recent closed-door meeting with the CEO of Kiira motors and his team at the Kiira Motors plant in Jinja, Uganda, the Africa Monologue Challenge (AMC) organizers expressed enthusiasm for Kiira Motors’ contributions to the African mobility sector.  

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday said the AMC organizers pledged to collaborate with Kiira Motors to ensure their success story reached a wider audience, including Africans on the continent, the diaspora, and the global community.  

“The Kiira team then provided the AMC organizers with a tour of their new facilities, showcasing the innovative technologies they plan to introduce to Africa’s electric vehicle industry”. 

The AMC was a bold initiative conceived by MK Casting, the African Chamber of Content Producers (ACCP), and the National Film Authority of Ghana with the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO) as lifetime partner of the Africa Monologue Challenge Season 2 and beyond.  

The organizers stated that this innovative project leveraged the power of Africa’s creative economy, valued at over $50 billion according to UNCTAD, to promote Pan-Africanism and intra-African trade.  

“It provides a platform for Africans across the continent and diaspora to share their stories through the power of monologue, a storytelling format reaching millions globally”.  

According to the organizers, all the 10 finalists from their respective countries will come together to feature in an Afro futurism Pan African film that would be intentional in promoting Pan African brands to a global audience.  

Season one of AMC, held in Ghana under the auspices of the National Film Authority of Ghana, saw Ugandan actress Rachael Nduhukire emerge victorious.  

As per the competition rules, the winner gets to host the next season, leading Season 2 to take place in Uganda under the auspices of the Pan African Women’s Organization (PAWO) and the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). 

This season promises a vibrant showcase of creativity, cultural exchange, Pan-African solidarity, and a positive narrative about Africa.  

“Kiira Motors, as the official transport partner, will provide their electric buses and coaches for all AMC events and transportation needs. The 10 finalists, representing 10 African countries, will have the opportunity to experience Ugandan innovation firsthand by riding in Kiira’s electric vehicles. 

Mawuko Kuadzi, CEO of MK Casting and a renowned international casting director, lamented the underutilization of Africa’s creative industry as a marketing and promotional tool.  

“In my daily work, I encounter a wealth of creative talent across Africa,” Kuadzi stated. “These individuals, whether working in film or commercials, possess powerful voices that can bridge the gap between brands and consumers on the continent.” 

He expressed optimism that Season 2 of the Africa Monologue Challenge (AMC), held under the auspices of the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO) and the Uganda Communications Commissions (UCC), would serve as a powerful showcase of Africa’s creative economy and its potential to elevate African brands such as the Kiira Kayoola EVS and the Kayoola Coaches. 

The African Chamber of Content Producers sees the AMC as a springboard to promote intra-African trade, currently estimated at only 15% of the continent’s total trade volume.  

The 10 finalists will be tasked as ambassadors for Kiira Motors, aiming to see Kiira buses on the streets of their respective countries within the next two years. 

“This partnership is a perfect example of how creativity can drive economic development,” said Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, Executive Director of the ACCP, and an international media consultant. “By showcasing Kiira Motors’ innovation to a Pan-African audience, we can inspire collaboration and break down trade barriers.” 

“The Africa Monologue Challenge aims for global visibility for Kiira Motors through the eyes of Africa’s creative minds. By engaging with different creative content formats and using the AMC finalists as negotiators and promoters of kiira buses in their respective countries, the AMC hopes to see Kiira buses operating in at least ten African countries within two years”, he emphasized. 

According to the organizers, the Africa Monologue Challenge recognized the crucial role of AfCFTA in achieving its ambitious trade promotion goals. The organizers are already in discussions with the AfCFTA secretariat in Ghana to ensure the success of this creative initiative. 

“The AfCFTA presents a historic opportunity for Africa,” said Mr Fred Amugi, a veteran actor and an AMC organizer. “The AMC can play a vital role in raising awareness on the AfCFTA and encouraging businesses to take advantage of its benefits.”By fostering intra-African trade, the AMC ultimately aims to create jobs and drive development across the continent. 

“This exciting partnership between the AMC and Kiira Motors promises a season filled with creative energy, cultural exchange, and a powerful message of Pan-African unity.”We are proud to be a part of this movement,” said Paul Isaac Musasizi, CEO of Kiira Motors. “Together, we can showcase the best of Africa to the world.” 

Kiira Motors is a leading African manufacturer of electric vehicles, committed to sustainable mobility solutions. With a focus on innovation, environmental consciousness, and economic growth, Kiira Motors aims to revolutionize transportation across the continent. 

The Africa Monologue Challenge is a platform that amplifies African voices, celebrates creativity, and fosters cultural exchange.  

Through monologues, storytelling, Afro futurism Pan African films, and artistic expression, the AMC showcases the richness of Africa’s heritage and its potential for positive change.