Muslims urged to exhibit true faith through peaceful coexistence  

By Samuel Akumatey  

Ho, Jun. 18, GNA – Muslims have been called upon to exhibit true faith through acts of compassion and peaceful coexistence. 

Alhaji Alfa Anas Hamidu, Volta Regional Imam, said the standards of the religion as set out by the Prophet Muhammed remained peaceful cooperation towards the development of society and should be the yardstick of bearers of the faith. 

The Regional Imam made the call following prayers in Ho during prayers to mark Eid ul Adha, the Islamic feast of sacrifice. 

“Islam is not a religion of violence. Islam is a religion of tolerance, peace and unity and development. Prophet Muhammed has called on us to be a true Muslim. A true Muslim is that person through, whose hands and tongue people are safe. A true believer is one through whom people’s blood and properties are safe. 

“So, I am calling on all Muslims and non-Muslims in Ghana to preach peace, unity and development. The Qoran says you should cooperate in righteousness and peace, and not violence,” he said. 

He made a passionate appeal to the youth, cautioning against attempts to foist violence during the coming general election period, while advising political parties and the public against violent politics of all forms. 

“Don’t go and fight because Islam teaches the peace, unity and development that Ghanaians are praying for.” 

Thousands of the Muslim faith believers in the Ho Municipality and beyond attended the public prayer ceremony, and the Imam, who led the prayers, performed the ritual sacrifice of a ram to mark the occasion. 

He said the festival commemorated the “unique faith” Abraham had in God, and that his spirit of sacrifice should guide all, particularly the youth. 

Representatives of various political parties and heads of the Police Service were present at the ceremony, and all pledged commitment to a peaceful event. 

Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic and Flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), donated a bull to the community for the celebrations.