Mistacii musical journey, far from over

Accra, June 14, GNA – Kojo Owusu Obrempong Mensah, originally named Chaucer Owusu, by his parents has warmed the hearts of many with his unique musical style and off stage humility.

Born in 1982 to Nana Osei Mensah(Father) and Georgina Abena Konadu(Mother),the young Mistacii had musical training before high school.

Mistacii’s fascinating journey certainly is remarkable:
In the early 2000s, Mistacii was part of a group called Ndadoa. A trio of young men namely; Chicken Chaucer (Mistacii), 2 Tee and Lord Vampire.

During this time, Mistacii had the opportunity to study under the guidance of notable music professionals, including Gaby Ajetey, Kk duah, and James Ampah from Kay’s Frequency Studios.

Interestingly, Mistacii went by the name “Chicken Chaucer” while in Ndasoa.

When Ndasoa disbanded, Mistacii embarked on a solo career, drawing from his experience with James Ampah at Drum Beat Studio and Kay’s Frequency, he honed his music production skills.

In 2005, Mistacii collaborated with Dela Botri of Hewale Sounds, where he delved deeply into various African rhythms.

Collaborations and Noteworthy Projects:

Mistacii’s journey led him to work with the esteemed Okyerema Asante, a master drummer with a Pan African influence.

Between 2007 and 2009, Mistacii collaborated with Mark Okraku Mante of Slip Entertainment, a renowned producer.

Notably, he featured on Okuraseni Samuel’s debut album (Dabi Dabi) and OD4’s album (Slimma Girl).

Diverse Production Work:

In 2010, Mistacii worked with CeeJay at the CeeJay Studio, producing music for various artists.

His production skills extended across borders, working with the Ghana Police band and artists from Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the United States.

By 2012, Mistacii collaborated with Slang Game Studio, producing hip-hop, R&B, hiplife, Afro pop, and dancehall tracks.

His impressive roster included artists like Kweku T, D Black, Nfimfim, Trigmatic, Kojo Skonti, Kilmatic, Sam F, and OD4.

Venturing into Film and Self-Mastery:

Mistacii explored acting, featuring in a TV series and a movie directed by Godwin Kotey(Sodom and Gomorrah).

Taking time off, he focused on mastering his craft, synthesising knowledge and experience to shape his artistic identity.

Rebbel Entertainment and Maiden Voyage:

In 2014, Mistacii collaborated with Rebbel Entertainment, working alongside artists like Buddaman, Daddy Lynx, Rebai Uhuru, and Kissa. Kissa remains his protégé to this day.

In 2017, Mistacii joined the group Maiden Voyage, serving as the creative director.

The trio—Mistacii, Alisonous, and Rebbai Uhuru—formed Maiden Voyage, establishing Maiden Voyage Frequency.

Producing Diverse Artists:

Under Maiden Voyage Frequency, Mistacii produced an array of talented artists:

Michael Asher (a Jamaican reggae veteran), XLNC Fiifi Selah, Mavluz OD4, Roy General, Artillery, African Baby and David Oscar.

The rest are, Papa Waseh, Blackmexxiah, King Jahlivejah, Kissa, Bofo T, Bobo Najah and Blakka Route

Nigerian artists such as African Goddess, Pablo, and Pope D’JahSon also rode on his course.

Mistacii’s journey is a testament to his versatility, creativity, and dedication to music and the arts.

The Move to Europe: Sweden (2021)

Mistacii made a difficult decision: he left Ghana and moved to Europe. Perhaps the allure of new opportunities and a broader audience drew him away from his homeland.

In Europe, Mistacii found a different musical landscape—one that allowed him to explore his artistry further.

Today, Mistacii wears the hat of a producer at Kemit Records. His experience and passion make him an invaluable asset to the label.

As a producer, Mistacii collaborates with other artists, shaping their sound and bringing their visions to life. His expertise and creativity shine through in every project.

Upcoming Single: “Possibility” (July 1, 2024):
Mark your calendars! On July 1, 2024, Mistacii is releasing a captivating single titled “Possibility.”

The song boasts a reggae cadence, enveloping listeners in its soothing vibes. Expect a blend of heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies.

With Mistacii’s wealth of experience as a producer, we can anticipate great things from him in the coming years. His unique perspective and dedication will undoubtedly shape the music industry.

Mistacii is a name to watch out for—a creative force poised to make waves.