Revellers bask in Kwahu Easter festive fun    

A GNA Feature by James Amoh Junior  

Kwahu (ER), April 03, GNA – As the Easter weekend unfolded, the picturesque town of Nkawkaw at the foothills of the Kwahu Mountains led the way for revellers from far and wide to partake in an array of festive activities.  

From dawn till dusk, the streets of the various Kwahu towns were bustling with excitement as locals and tourists alike immersed themselves in fun-filled activities to commemorate Easter.  

Amidst cheerful and danceable music with food and drink accompaniments, the spirit of Easter came alive and filled the air in Kwahu as expected.   


One of the highlights of the festivities was the annual paragliding festival, where thrill-seekers soared high above the breathtaking landscape, taking in panoramic view of the lush green valleys below.   

Held annually, the 2024 Kwahu Paragliding Festival came off from March 29, 2024, to April 1, 2024, with tours, hikes, and more adventure. 

With expert and seasoned pilots from around the world are invited to guild and fly hundreds at Kwahu Atibie through the skies, offering participants an adrenaline rush but memorable experience. 

Isaac Mensah, a young Ghanaian trained paragliding pilot, who has been undergoing tutelage under the experienced pilots, took his first solo flight on the Odweanoma mountain in the Kwahu South Municipality.    

Many others looked on in fear while the bold and more adventurous ones undertook the adrenaline rush flight.  

For Nana Kwadwo Boama, the Krontihene of Kwahu Atibie, who spoke at the opening of the 2024 Easter Paragliding Festival, said the government and private sector must step up investments in the Kwahu areas, considering the immense tourism potential the area holds.  

That, he says would diversify Kwahu Easter and unlock the untapped treasures of the region to speed up economic growth and improve living conditions.    

The Krontihene, who said Kwahu was a treasure trove of mountains, ancient caves, forests, and water bodies, but the sites were underdeveloped because of the deplorable state of the roads. 

Nana Boama urged the government and private sector to collaborate with local traditional leaders to invest in those areas, generate employment opportunities for the young population, and enhance the diversity of ‘Kwahu Easter’.  

Street thrills 

For those who sought a more grounded experience, the streets were lined with food stalls offering an array of local delicacies, from spicy kebabs to assorted beverages.  

Pubs, drinking spots around Mpraeso, Obomeng, Atibie, Asakraka, Dwaso and adjoining communities were filled, living up to the Kwahu “hype”.  

Audiences of all ages were treated to good music and delightful performances from live bands performances to rhythm beats from graceful DJ spins at White House, Level 3 among others.   

Philip Adjei, a digital marketer, and indigene of Kwahu and resident of Tema Community One, told the Ghana News Agency that, “It’s amazing to see the community come together like this. Families and friends are here to share laughter and create cherished memories,”   

Rock City comes alive  

At the heart of Kwahu Nkwatia, the popular Rock City Hotel brought some memorable highlights and unforgettable musical experience to the Kwahu Easter festivities.   

Legendary Highlife artist, Amakye Dede, took the stage at the night club filled with hundreds of party goers.   

Spotted in a white suit, black trousers with a hat to match, the “Sokoo na mmaa p3” and “sufr3 Wo Nyame” hit maker, delivered an electrifying performance that left patrons asking for more. 

Nana Kwame Safo, a Ghanaian resident in the United States, said, “there’s no place like home; Easter is all about Kwahu and Rock City has spiced it up for us.” 

“I work hard in the states and this for me is a perfect time to relax and catch up with family and friends,” he said amidst the Amakye Dede thrills. 

As the Easter festivities swept through the town of Kwahu, an electrifying live band musical performance – one highlight that stood out amidst the colourful celebrations – captivated audiences and kept spirits high. 

Samini, known for his mastery in live band performances, “rocked” revellers to a diverse array of his hit songs in contemporary style at Rock City.  

President Akufo-Addo was one of many distinguished personalities who joined revellers in Kwahu. 

Dressed in a white apparel, the president with other dignities, were treated to great music at the Rock City Hotel. 

President Akufo-Addo who recently turned 80 years was moved by the thrilling live band performances necessitating some dance moves.  

Belinda Animwaa, a Kwahu resident, who was among the audience at Rock City Hotel, describes this year’s Easter as “amazing”.   

“A night with Samini at Rock City was what made my Easter a memorable one because I love music, and I love Samini’s energy and stage craft. The moment the President graced the occasion, I felt I was at an important occasion,” she said.   

With a smirk, she said, “Agradaa’s presence also made us happy.”  

Easter celebrations in Kwahu have become exceptional as it gets a lot of media hype and national attention during the period.   

Political twist   

Amidst the vibrant Easter festivities in Kwahu, the political euphoria surged with energy as both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) descended upon the town to rally support ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 elections.  

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the NPP Presidential candidate, led the charge with a walk and rally on Easter Saturday at Kwahu Mpraeso as an effort to unite party members and to canvas support.   

Supporters clad in NPP paraphernalia flooded the streets, waving flags and chanting slogans like “It Is Possible” in a show of their unwavering support to the flagbearer.   

Dr Bawumia, who addressed the supporters, after some bigwigs of the party, highlighted the party’s record in many sectors of the economy and declared the party’s readiness to work hard to build on its achievements and move Ghana to a future of promise and possibilities through determination to “Break The 8”  

Not to be outdone, Former President Mr John Mahama, the flagbearer of the NDC, who embarked on a walk dubbed “Kwahu Easter 24-hour Walk” on Easter Sunday, reiterated the NDC’s commitment to developing all regions and communities without discrimination.   

“We have always ensured that the people of Kwahu continue to benefit from various projects, including education, roads, and healthcare.”  

He expressed concern about the abandoned Abetifi hospital project, saying, “this is a waste of government funds and denies the people access to quality healthcare.”  

Both parties engaged in spirited one-on-one campaigns and distribution of campaign materials to garner endorsement and sway undecided voters to their cause.   

Until 2025  

As the sun sets after the festivities, the spirit of Easter continues to unite communities and celebrate the joy of life.   

With laughter echoing through the streets and smiles lighting up faces, the people of Kwahu and Ghanaians generally continue to embrace the true essence of the holiday – a time of renewal, hope, and togetherness.