UN: Aid not getting to 800,000 Palestinians in northern Gaza Strip

Geneva, Nov 20, (dpa/GNA) – Aid, including fuel, has been reaching only the people in the southern part of the Gaza Strip for the past almost two weeks, as a result of the precarious security situation, the UN humanitarian affairs agency OCHA says.

Aid cannot be distributed in Gaza City and other parts of the north, where hundreds of thousands of people are still holding out, OCHA says.

According to the agency, people in the north are surviving on what little raw vegetables and unripe fruit that they can find, with many unable to cook. Bakeries are no longer operating, and farmers are unable to tend their fields. Animals are being slaughtered, as there is no feed or water for them.

OCHA puts the number of people in the north of the Gaza Strip at 800,000, based on figures from the Palestinian statistical authority in the West Bank.