Federation of Labour supports 24/7 economy proposal

By Francis Ameyibor

Tema, Nov. 22, GNA – The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) says it supports the creation of an economic and national development system that would hinge on a 24/7 economy, as proposed by former President John Dramani Mahama.

“Our Federation is indeed elated by the former President Mahama’s assurance of implementing an economic policy that will revive collapsed industries and create more jobs.

“In the 1970s up to the early 90s, a three-shift system operated in manufacturing industries in the country, which created employment for thousands of workers,” Mr. Abraham Koomson, GFL Secretary General, stated in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on the proposal by former President Mahama.

Mr. Koomson explained that unfortunately, systemic failures of the economic policies of governments took a toll on the thriving industries, resulting in massive layoffs of workers.

He revealed that some investors had relocated capital to other African countries where the business environment was favourable, creating massive unemployment in the country.

“That’s why we’re obliged as trade unions to embrace the proposed policy of reviving the three-shift system to create more jobs.

“We believe once effective measures are enforced to deal with smuggling, pirating of locally manufactured products, and the removal of outrageous and nuisance taxes, the local industries will rebound to create jobs to fulfil the objectives of the 24/7 policy.

Mr. Abraham Koomson

Mr. Koomson challenged political parties to come out with manifesto policies that would address the national economic challenges.

“The era of political cheap promises is over. In Election 2024, labour unions will scrutinise the policies and proposals of political parties.

“We would also monitor political pronouncements on campaign platforms and challenge parties to them. Labour unions would expose political parties that would come up with hallow proposals and support tangible ones”.

Mr. Koomson encouraged political parties to bring out policy proposals that focus on job creation in both the private and public sectors and spell out measures to strengthen the nation’s economy.

He emphasised that the next government must promote revenue generation, job opportunities, and private sector development, reduce the cost of living, and eliminate taxes that hinder business growth, affecting small, medium, and large companies.

The Federation of Labour tasked the various labour unions to monitor sector by sector; the Ghana Medical Association must monitor political pronouncements on health; all unions and associations that relate to the education sector; and the federation will work with other labour associations and bodies to monitor the political campaign from a non-partisan point of view.

Mr. Koomson also called on civil society organisations, religious and traditional leaders, gender and youth groups, sports, and other allied groups to all set up a monitoring mechanism to examine political messages from a professional perspective and advise accordingly.