Empower journalists to do their work — JSI urges Military Juntas

Accra, Sept 4, GNA – Journalists Sanctuary International (JSI), a non-profit organisation, has urged military juntas to allow journalists to practice their profession in their respective countries without any impediments.  

“The last thing we expect from them is a crackdown on independence and freedom of media organisations and journalists, and any move that could potentially impede their work,” the statement said.  

The organisation made the call in a press statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Monday, signed by the founder and President, Mr Latif Iddrissu.  

The statement said the juntas should not be a repetition of history and encouraged them to make a difference, allowing journalists in their respective countries to also feel empowered with their pens and microphones.    

It urged the juntas to channel their energies into building the capacity of democratic institutions, including the media, to strengthen the depth of rights, equality, and accountability. 

The juntas were encouraged by JSI to begin processes and give reasonable timeliness to return their respective countries to democratic rule. 

They were advised to uphold the principles of the rule of law and the respect for personal liberties and human rights. 

“We underscored the need for the military governments to appreciate the need that the rights of citizens, democracy, and the principle of rule of law, go hand in hand and have cascading effects on each other, making them a conjoined pact that reinforces the core values and principles of human liberties,” the statement said.  

“If the justifications of the military inventions in these countries are sincere, the juntas must demonstrate that by being the vanguard for the principles of the rule of law and good governance,” it said. 

Gabon and some West African countries have experienced military interventions owing to their governments ignoring the welfare of the people by engaging in acts of corruption, injustices, and bad governance, the statement said.