Ghanaians advised to go for regular checkups

By Priscilla Oye Ofori

Accra, June 29, GNA- Dr Catherine Amofa, a General Practitioner at the St. Michael’s Specialist Hospital, Lapaz, has advised Ghanaians to visit hospitals regularly for checkups.

She said diseases like hypertension were a silent killer with multiple complications, including organ failure, hence the need for regular check-ups.  

Dr Amofa gave the advice on the sidelines of a health screening exercise organised by the St Michael’s Specialist Hospital to raise awareness on Hypertension, Hepatitis B and Diabetes.  

The General Practitioner explained that Hypertension could attack the brain leading to stroke, the heart resulting in heart failure and the kidneys causing kidney failure.

“It can even give you neuropathic diseases that involve the nerves and blood vessels. It can also even go as far to destroy your eyesight,” she added.  

Dr Amofah said hypertension was quite prevalent among blacks, especially Africans, however, it was established among those they had screened that a sedentary lifestyle, improper diets and inadequate rest were major causes.  

Hence, she encouraged the citizenry to watch their diet, exercise regularly, rest adequately and hydrate properly.  

“The Ghanaian diet is tailored in such a way that if you do not take care, you will hardly have a balanced meal, and the fats and oils as well as salt contents of most of our foods as stable foods are actually quite high.  

“You do not have to join a gym to exercise. Just a little bit of cardio a few minutes a day makes quite a difference,” the General Practitioner stated.  

She said about 50 per cent of the patients who had been screened had hypertension whilst 50 per cent tested positive for Hepatitis B.  

Dr Richard Anongura, a Medical Officer at St Michael’s Specialist Hospital, said the screening exercise was to raise awareness about the common chronic diseases that people ignored.  

He said Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity and Hepatitis B were endemic among the populace, therefore,  highlighting and raising awareness and providing free screening were important.  

Dr Anongura said that over 200 people were screened yesterday and some were referred for further checks.  

He said the Hospital would offer free consultation in July for all Ghanaians who would walk to the facility.  

Dr Lilian Mpabanti, Acting Medical Director of the Hospital, commended the Health Facility Regulatory Agency (HeFRA), the Okaikwei Central Member of Parliament and the Okaikwei North Assembly for their enormous support of the Hospital.