Women need more platforms to ensure and promote their wellness—Insurance Expert 

By Morkporkpor Anku 

Accra, Sept. 23, GNA – Mr Cecil Ribeiro, Head of Operations, Quality Insurance Company Limited, (QIC) says more opportunities must be provided to women to get enrolled onto insurance schemes that to promote their wellbeing. 

He said data gathered indicated that though women formed a larger part of Ghana’s population (50.7 per cent), only a small number of them patronised insurance products. 

Mr Ribeiro made this known in Accra at a ceremony to introduce Dr Vanessa Aseye Mensah-Kabu, a medical practitioner, as the company’s Ambassador for its “Go Girl Policy”. 

The policy is a motor insurance package for women, irrespective of their social and economic status. 

Mr Ribeiro said the era, where women relied on their husbands, fathers and brothers for insurance cover had passed, and urged them to get on the package. 

He applauded women, saying they are safer drivers, and asked why they would not sign up to QIC’s package that holistic in approach to their needs. 

“We want to make this a Movement, we do not want to make it as QIC selling a product for women, but it is all about creating a platform for women where it is not only about their insurance but their health and wellness,” the Head of Operations said.  

He said in the next few years, the “Go Girl Policy” would go beyond the insurance and the “Go Girl Icon”, where Dr Mensah-Kabu would help provide solutions to several health issues of women.  

Dr Mensah-Kabu, married and a mother, does not come only with her social media appeal and excellent human relations but a worth of experience and expertise from the medical field. 

In an interview with the Agency, she said she looked forward to bringing more women on board, since they would discuss menstrual health issues, pregnancy, and all stages of women’s life. 

“We will be donating to the Korle-Bu Paediatric Cancer Unit and sending some of our proceeds to them. As a doctor, I will play an integral role in it,” Dr Mensah-Kabu said.  

She said she would take advantage of the mileage of social and traditional media as key drivers of the development and pledged to build on foundations laid by her predecessors. 

Dr Mensah-Kabu is the third “Go Girl Icon” after Ms Oboubia Darko-Opoku, a Politician and Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye, a Broadcast Journalist.  

The policy boasts of over 1000 women who have signed onto it.