Europeans seek refuge in Jamestown’s Chale Wote festival

By Patrick Ofoe Nudzi

Accra, Aug.21, GNA – The teeming foreign nationals, mostly Europeans, at the 2022 Chale Wote festival find it a “refuge and homely to cool off our bodies.”

They said the festival, which brings art, music, dance and performance onto the streets of Jamestown, Accra’s old quarter, was a perfect recreational event to ‘light’ up the fun in them after experiencing severe heat waves in Europe.

With the sea breeze soothing the night atmosphere at Jamestown, the merrymakers dressed in light and sleeveless clothes, sat behind their drinks in pubs and kissed their glasses and bottles, paying homage to Ghana’s emerging international festival and tourists’ delight.

Music blurring from all street corners provided rhythm and energy, setting the revellers on any available stage to dance and with every step they take, partners huddle as they share the magical moments of Accra.

Miss Celia Martin, a Spaniard, participating in the festival for the first time, told the Ghana News Agency that, “she and her friends are having fun; eating almost every local food and visiting every corner of the town to have some drinkout sessions.

“The weather is cool here even during the day and it is wonderful to be out here tonight having fun. The people are friendly, and the events are thought-provoking, and it was fun dancing with the people.”

Miss Celia said: ” When I was leaving Madrid (capital city of Spain), the temperature was between 41 and 42 degrees Celcius, causing a lot of discomfort and so the Chale Wote festival has eased the stress and given us the desired comfort and value.”

She said they might stay longer than planned since they believed Ghana had more indigenous foods, music and arts to offer.

Mr and Mrs Abraham Orjey, French nationals, who planned to stay for a few more months, told the GNA that the festival was a hidden gem, and more people needed to know about it.

Whilst Mrs Orjey spoke affectionately about the Art works exhibited at the Ussher Fort and her plans to purchase some, her husband said Ghana was the best country in Africa.

He said: “Everything in this festival is invigorating; the jollof, fufu, music, street shows, drinks and the people. We are loving it. Great event, it is too much.”

Reports gathered by the Agency from participants, including vendors and merrymakers indicated that Chale Wote might become the golden hen that lays the country’s golden eggs along the beaches and streets of Jamestown.