Audience thrilled with performance of Ayiyii

By Nii Martey M. Botchway

Accra, Aug. 29, GNA – Mimes, pantomimes, and dialogues, were at the centre stage of the performance of Ayiyii, a Ghanaian traditional play.

Audience were thrilled with a fusion of traditional and contemporary music, and a blend of rich Ghanaian culture.

Ayiyii which means Ananse in Ewe was performed at the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra, over the weekend.

The play, directed by Mawuli Semevor with support from Stephanie Yamoah and Isaac Annor, showcased the scheming ways of the legendary spider in Ghanaian folklore.

The performance had audience display their excitement by applauding at every opportunity as the three resident groups of the National Theatre; the National Drama Company, the National Dance Company, and the National Symphony Orchestra took viewers through a journey of rich authentic theatre, with each act and scene portraying rich comedy.

Fused with music, dance, and laughter, the play tells a story of Mr and Mrs Yarney who after a pregnancy that lasts 16 long months, give birth to a baby boy and name him Ayiyii.

As a peculiar child with unique characteristics growing up, Ayiyii demonstrates a high level of understanding with a curious mind that is always looking for unusual ways of doing things and learning everyday tricks.

The plot continues with Ayiyii going missing at a tender age till he is found in the Northern Region. He then goes to the Bono Region in search of gold where he lives for long until he told himself one day, “I must continue this journey.”

Ayiyii then heads for the Eastern Region with the belief that there is something unique about every region.

From there he goes to the Central Region where he gets married amidst pomp and pageantry.

He continued his journey with his wife to the Ashanti Region where he steals royal regalia and absconds to the Western Region.

As he goes from region to region, all he is interested in was wealth and more wealth.

In the Western Region he engages in galamsey and transacts business in fake gold, making him very rich.

His next destination is the Volta Region where he becomes a fugitive. This causes him to flee to the Greater Accra Region with his belongings where he engages in boxing and other activities until his quest for more wealth and knowledge fails when the pot in which he kept all his wealth and knowledge fell and scattered for people to also have access to it.

The music and dance were carefully chosen to represent the diverse Ghanaian cultures from the various regions of the country.

Ultimately, the plot sought to portray that Ayiyii in his quest to gather all knowledge and wealth to himself only, lost everything in the process.

The performance reminds its audience that no individual can lay claim to all the knowledge of the world.