US lifts blanket advisory against international travel

Washington, Aug. 7, (dpa/GNA) – The United States lifted its blanket Level 4 warning on international travel, imposed in March as the coronavirus pandemic hit, and has begun to again issue individualized advisories for different parts of the world.

“With health and safety conditions improving in some countries and potentially deteriorating in others, the Department is returning to our previous system of country-specific levels of travel advice,” the State Department said in a statement.

Most countries in Europe were moved to the less severe Level 3 warning, along with Vietnam and a number of other states which have successfully reduced the spread of the virus. New Zealand and Thailand were among a small group to go down to Level 2.

“We continue to recommend US citizens exercise caution when travelling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic,” the statement said.

The US itself is continuing to see high levels of spread across a number of states, causing many countries to keep their borders closed to American tourists.