Hunan TV’s “Singer 2024” gains global acclaim 

(Changsha) – Hunan TV’s “Singer 2024” has become a major international success, with more than half of the show already aired on Mango TV.

The nine-episode competition has provided a platform for both Chinese and foreign singers to showcase their musical talents, fostering diverse cultural exchanges and the global prosperity of music. 

“Singer 2024” has captured significant attention both domestically and internationally. UNESCO has twice liked the show’s posts on its official Weibo account.

Additionally, the program has been endorsed by the Embassy of China in Estonia, the Latin American and Caribbean Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and the Embassy of Canada in China. 

Since its premiere, the Mango TV International App’s overseas platforms have accumulated over 25.6 million views, reaching an audience of 220 million.

African participants from radio and television operation management workshops in English-speaking African countries have also engaged with the show, noting its popularity in Africa. 

International singers Chanté Moore and Faouzia have gained a large following in China through their participation in “Singer 2024”.

They have also explored Chinese culture and traditions, visiting popular attractions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Changsha, and more, and praising the local customs and cuisine. 

In the eighth episode, Faouzia performed a Chinese song, “The Devil from Heaven,” impressing the audience and securing second place.

The show also introduced its first international challenger, Rukhiya from Kazakhstan, who delivered a captivating performance.

Chanté Moore chose to perform “Halo,” a beloved song among Chinese viewers, in a recent episode. 

“Singer 2024” is opening new doors for international cultural exchanges and cooperation in Chinese music.