Escalating NDC, NPP internal tension heighten anxiety in Assin Central 

A GNA feature by Isaac Arkoh

Cape Coast, July 10, GNA – As the December 7 general election draws near, heightened internal political tension and uncertainty are palpable within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Assin Central Constituency. 

There are swirling currents of inflammatory accusations and counter disinformation among political party stalwarts in the area. 

The unfortunate derogatory comments reached the crescendo, escalating tensions during the recent limited voter registration exercise. 

Some individuals from the NDC were captured in a widely circulated video cursing Electoral Commission officials and Mr Anewu, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for allegedly facilitating the transportation of individuals from Kasoa to transfer their votes to the constituency. 

Mr Anewu has denied the accusations as baseless and unfortunate. 

Consequently, the Efutuakwa Traditional Council summoned the NDC Constituency executives for the curses and imposed a fine of GH10,099.00, 10 sheep, and six boxes of schnapps for the curse invoked, which is deemed unacceptable by the Council.  

The NDC representatives were instructed to present the required items by Friday, June 14, for rituals to nullify the curse, a directive that had not been fully complied with according to some party sources.  

The decision of the Traditional Council has incited much anger among some members of the NDC, who question why the party has been targeted for performing rituals in Antoa and Assin Nyankomasi to lift curses, particularly when similar actions by the NPP went unchallenged by traditional leaders in the recent past. 

Philosophical dominance 

Philosophically, the NDC in Assin Central appears more all-encompassing, accommodating and tolerant, whilst the NPP is perceived as class-oriented with emphasises on lineage and heritage within the party.  

The NDC advocates infrastructural development and has been at the forefront of social issues such as gender equality, human rights and inclusivity, whereas the NPP’s ideology revolves around a property-owning democracy. 

Ken’s take over 

Mr Kennedy Ohene Agyapong took over the constituency in 2000 and has successfully retained the seat in six consecutive Parliamentary elections with resounding victories.  

The political terrain in Assin Central has largely been dominated by Mr Agyapong and the NPP. 

In the 2020 Parliamentary election, Mr Agyapong garnered 19,754 votes, defeating his closest rival, Mr Nurein Shaibu Migyimah of the NDC, who received 14,747 votes.  

With Mr Agyapong stepping back the political terrain in the Assin South constituency due to his presidential ambitions, a void has been created that both parties are striving to fill.  

The NPP aims to extend its 24-year winning streak in the constituency, although many fear that Mr Agyapong’s absence could spell trouble for the party, but the NDC appears not ready to recapture it lost seat. 

Mr Migyimah’s suspension 

 Mr Migyimah was suspended from the NDC party last week  by the Central Regional Functional Executive Committee (CR-FEC) for misconduct, giving the NPP the impetus to remain steadfast in its determination to secure the seat once more in the forthcoming elections, whereas the NDC has taken the unexpected step of withdrawing its parliamentary candidate for Assin Central and suspending his membership. 

The CR-FEC cited “immoral acts and anti-Party conduct” as the reasons for the suspension, a move that is believed to strengthen the NPP’s chances of maintaining the seat.  

Many party faithful have expressed bewilderment at the timing and nature of the CR-FEC decision as they received the news with astonishment. 

NDC intervention  

In response to constituents’ protests, the NDC national leadership has summoned Prof Richard Kofi Asiedu, the Central Regional Chairman, to explain the decision to suspend Mr Migyimah, which was made without the approval of the National Executive Committee.  

The party deemed the action inappropriate and contrary to the party’s constitution.  

Mr Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the General Secretary of the NDC, has said the suspension was executed without the National Executive Committee’s consent, violating due process and the provisions of the NDC constitution.  

Assin North NPP Sympathy  

Further exacerbating the woes and tensions in Assin Central, a faction known as Friends of Charles Opoku, the NPP’s Assin North Parliamentary Candidate, has entered the fray. 

Through their spokesperson, Mr Baah Kwaw Anthony, the group contended that the unfortunate dilemma of Mr Migyimah was a proof of the NDC’s lack of competent leaders within their constituencies and the party.  

However, in a show of solidarity, the group expressed sympathy for Mr  Migyimah and all NDC members facing similar ‘deception’ from their party officials.  

With a hint of sarcasm, the group commended Mr Anewu as the MP-elect before the December 7 election for the residents of Assin Central, highlighting the chaos within the NDC in Assin Central. 

They stated, “As members of our elephant family, we firmly believe that the strength and capability of our symbol, the ivory, can adequately meet the needs of Ghanaians and the residents of the Assin North Constituency.”  

“The resounding victory in the air and prevailing morale undeniably suggest that the Assin North will prosper once more under Mr Opoku and Dr Mahamudu Bawumia. Ghana and the Assin North Constituency are poised to witness further positive transformations.” 

NPP on the move 

With NDC’S internal wrangling the in Assin Central, the NPP is focused on effective grassroots campaigning, voter engagement and mobilisation to retain the seat. 

True to that, a 66-member campaign team has been inaugurated in the Assin Central Constituency to develop strategies for retaining the seat and expanding the party’s q in the 2024 general election.  

Led by the NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate, the team is entrusted with the task of securing the seat and strengthening the party’s position as outlined in their vision for emphasising enhancements to educational infrastructure, healthcare services, job creation and economic growth. 

NPP campaign challenges 

The NPP campaign team in Assin Central faces several challenges, including maintaining the constituency seat and increasing the party’s votes in the 2024 general election.  

Overcoming these challenges requires a robust campaign strategy and effective voter outreach.  

Ensuring unity among NPP supporters is crucial for achieving victory, as the team’s objectives include boosting economic activities, creating jobs and improving educational and healthcare infrastructure in the constituency as outlined by the NPP parliamentary aspirant, Mr Anewu. 

 Going forward  

The political landscape in Assin Central is rife with tension as both the NPP and NDC navigate the upcoming elections with strategic moves.  

The decisions made by party officials, the responses to these decisions and the public discourse surrounding the candidates will play a significant role in shaping the outcome of the elections.  

A united front, engagement and mobilisation of party members will be instrumental determining the future of Assin Central partisan politics.