Ghanaian reggae star makes waves in France and beyond

Accra, June 12, GNA – Ghanaian born reggae star Benoit Kassah also known as JUDAH BROWNNY is making waves in France and beyond with his soul touching rhythms and rhymes.

The award winning reggae singer/songwriter/performer and until recently a fully fledged executive music producer and also co founder of Bag A Dubs Records in France where he lives.

Ranked by REGGAE.FR in 2013 as a sensational artist for 2014 and presented in the FOCUS category.

He has mounted the stage on several occasions to take awards, including, TREMPLIN RAST’ART (France, Caen) 2012. FAR WEST REGGAE CONTEST (France, Le Mans) 2013. Article

The singer discovered his latent talent at the age of 11 as a young chorister in a Catholic Church and later begun songwriting during Teacher Training days; that was a period when Judah B converted to Rastafarianism in 1997, at age 18 .

Whiles being a member of the 12 Tribes of Israel – Ghana Chapter, Judah Brownny was opportuned with the source of his orthodox reggae inspiration and a platform to nurture his singing talent .

After a few years on the job as a high school teacher ,Judah Brownny decided to change careers owing to his passion for music. Miraculously, he met freshly graduated agricultural engineer ‘Chacha’ Augustine Foli, a firmly rooted young bassist with the same musical vision and zeal.

Together they were known as the FIREWOODS but the duo could not complete their ongoing album project because Chacha migrated to New York to further his education in 2007. Two years later, Judah B traveled to Denmark in pursuit of a professional career that began with songs like “BLESSED LOVE” and “NOW WE KNOW” produced by Lirical D Mirical and Pharfar of Food Palace Music, respectively.

Judah B relocated to France in 2011 where his award-winning achievements exposed him to the international reggae music market thereby enabling him to collaborate with several music producers, including Irie Ites Records -(France), Old Capital Records-(France), Westfinga-(France), RuffLine Recordings-(France), HeavyWavesMusic-(Spain) and AnothaOne Productions-(Austria).

It should be noted that Judah Brownny has 2 unreleased studio albums due to unforeseen circumstances.

The early years of his career were shaped by strings of stage shows ,mainly SUPPORT for both local and international acts, namely Ray Darwin, Abyssinians, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke, Barrington Levy, Sizzla, Macka B, Echo Minott, Skarra Mucci, King Lorenzo, Perfect Giddimani, Earl 16, Solo Banton, Tiwony, Big Red, Tonton David, Pierpoljak, Brahim, Keefaz, Sound Dynamik, and many others.

After five years of musical hibernation, the versatile singer returns to music business with several new releases and exciting new projects.

In winter 2020, THE MEETING EP (JUDAH BROWNNY MEETS HEAVY WAVES) was released as Judah Brownny’s first full-length studio project, produced by HEAVYWAVESMUSIC.

Judah Brownny as a benevolent artist, also serves real humanitarian causes with his music.

He collaborated with his management/Marine Stefanidi and the Kavala Mayor’s office (during a promotional tour) to raise funds for the victims of the deadly fires in Athens/Greece in the summer of 2018. In 2022, Judah Brownny announces LE RETURN (SUMMER TOUR) in ten French cities with a headline performance in Paris at the Péniche Cinema accompanied by Neboty Roots Sound System.

He had brilliantly opened for Clinton Fearon’s tour at Cargo/Caen in November 2022, Thanks to his official collaboration with DJ/producer Stalawa, 2023 started well with a warm up for Tiken Jah Fakoly @106 ROUEN, then a performance at Le Tetris/Le Havre with blackboard Jungle Soundsystem.

As part of the latest development in his musical career Judah Brownny & Stalawa, co-founders of Bag A Dub Records, will open for Julian Marley in Le Havre on June 18 at Le Tetris. Judah Brownny is heading towards the completion of his album which promises to be phenomenally produced by the best reggae team.

The album also features the vocals of Rubadub superstar and Reggae legend Lone Ranger.

He has a new single out that is a very hot sound system song called ” Beat dem up”, rolling into the biggest sound system song so far:
A global hit.

Ghana is on his mind and his homecoming will be a roof raising event.