ICU-Ghana suspends demonstration

Accra, Feb. 11, GNA – The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union has joined organized Labour to suspend its intended demonstration on February 13, 2024.

This was due to the government’s intentions to suspend the introduction of VAT on electricity to engage the International Monetary Fund.

Mr Morgan Ayawine, the General Secretary of the ICU-Ghana, said at a press briefing, “We are equally suspending our action, and we will be on red alert.”

“The message we are sending to our members out there is that it is a victory, a victory not only for our members but for Ghanaians,” he said.

He said the Union believed that the government’s decision to suspend the tax on electricity should be final and nothing else.

“We want to believe that it is a suspension in perpetuity. So our members should not feel that we have been defeated,” he said.

Organized Labour met on Friday, February 2, and took a decision on their ultimatum to the government to withdraw the tax on electricity, which ends in January 2024.

The demonstration was intended to get the government to back down on the introduction of the tax on electricity, which has impoverished Ghanaians and increased their difficulties in the country.

The leadership of organized Labour called on all workers in the country to start wearing’red’ to work on Monday, February 5, to send a strong signal to the government that they won’t compromise until the government dropped the decision to impose VAT on electricity.