UGMC to start using Nanox.ARC for radiology in February  

By Linda Naa Deide Aryeetey& Kadijah Musah  

Accra, Jan.17, GNA- The University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) will by the first week of February start using a Nanox.ARC to scan and provide a more detailed radiology report for patients. 

This will be the first human-patient scan in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Nanox.arc is a new tool and an advanced form of X-ray used to perform digital tomography. 

Mr Daniel Amankrah, a Radiologist Specialist at UGMC, who was speaking at a brief event held in Accra to demonstrate how the machine works, said the Nanox.ARC was used to scan all parts of the body containing bones to access the bone’s structure.    

 “It works like an X-ray, but this gives you more images to see into detail what is happening in the human body at a relatively low cost with less radiation,” he said.         

Nana Bermako Addo, CEO of Forte Medical, said Nanax.arc allowed radiographers to see from the front and back side of the body during the scan. 

He encouraged the public to use the technology because it was easy to use and affordable. 

Nanox.ARC is an easy-to-use tomosynthesis system, fully integrated within the Nanox ecosystem, it is designed to bring advanced radiographic visualizations to all. 

 Nanox.ARC works promoted the early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by medical imaging technologies based on X-rays. 

 It improves access to imaging, reduces imaging costs and enhances imaging efficiency.