Reconsider plans to relocate the Arts Centre, Ghana Dance Association appeals

Accra Feb. 24, GNA – The Ghana Dance Association has held a dance and cultural performance, Wednesday at the Arts Centre, Accra, to appeal to the government to reconsider its plans of relocating the Centre.

Fused with indigenous music, dance and acrobatics, the performance also aimed at portraying the importance of arts and culture to the development of the nation.

Nana Kwame Dadzie, President of the GDA said relocating the arts centre to the Ghana House at Kawukudi was not helpful to Ghana’s arts and culture.

Describing the move as a bad idea, Mr Dadzie said the said instead of relocating the center, the place should be developed and preserved.

Ghana News Agency photojournalist, Nii Martey M. Botchway captured the following scenes from the performance.


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