Prime Minister Glavchev reiterates Bulgaria’s support for Ukraine at EC Meeting in Brussels

Brussels, April 18 (BTA/GNA) – During the two-day meeting of the European Council in Brussels, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev reiterated Bulgaria’s support for Ukraine. He told Bulgarian journalists that there should be no doubt in the country’s support for the European position on Ukraine.

Glavchev said that a decision was made at the meeting, on the occasion of the upcoming European Parliament elections, for EU countries and institutions to take decisive unified action against external misinformation.

The Prime Minister said that he familiarized Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte with the current situation in Bulgaria, as well as the recent changes to its constitution. “I think that our European partners are already well aware of the situation we are in at the moment,” noted Glavchev.

In response to a question whether Bulgaria is among the most vulnerable to Russian disinformation, he indicated that he could not say, but stressed that this country is making efforts not to be among the most affected.

The Prime Minister added that the European Council has adopted conclusions on resuming the dialogue between Turkiye and the EU. “This is our neighbor, we rely on Turkey a lot for the migrant policy,” he added. It is worth noting that Cyprus and Greece softened their position in order for these conclusions to be accepted, Glavchev added.

In response to a question about who will represent Bulgaria at the upcoming meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, he replied that it is yet to be decided.