CPP salutes women on International mother’s day

Accra, May 10, GNA – Nana Akosua Frimpomaa-Sarpong, the Election 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), on Sunday commended Ghanaian mothers for being resilient and a strong pillar for the survival of the family.

“Mothers continue to play the traditional backbone role and in modern world have also assumed frontline duties to support the family, your labour of love will certainly not be in vain.

“The world will continue to celebrate your special love, strength, patience, care and tenderness as mothers, sisters, aunties, guardians and friends and also make bold sacrifices for your children and other relatives,” Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong told the Ghana News Agency in an interview to mark the 2020 International Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong, who is contesting for the CPP National Chairmanship, slot commended the unique strength of women which enables them to carry children in their womb for nine months, while the patience, special heart and tenderness enabled them to go through the daily struggles.

“Gallant mothers are, indeed, gifts which are not replaceable, as they play the role of teachers, psychologists, servants and go every length to solve the problems of their children.

“Their unconditional love and special hearts lead to inspire, encourage and give confidence to their children when all seem to have ended. As the world celebrates the heroic and courageous mothers, the world have every reason to be excited while they watch their day-old babies grow into boys, girls, men and women”.

The CPP Leading member also saluted fathers and men who are playing mothering roles in society; “your combination of fathering and mothering roles is not easy but you are doing it for the sake of mankind, we appreciate you.”

She said “to mothers facing any challenge as they endeavour to play their motherly roles of caring, nurturing and providing for their families, particularly, mothers with children of special needs, we salute your courage and faith in these special ones.

She expressed the hope that all mothers in the face of COVID-19 would be strengthened to stand firm, knowing that their efforts would yield tremendous results, so that they would reap and enjoy the fruits of their efforts as mothers.

“As we celebrate mothers, I urge you to appreciate not only your biological mother but every woman who has played the role of a mother in your life or in a friend’s life”.

Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong stressed that mothers were the sweetest gift from God to mankind. “There is no way we can ever really thank our mothers for all they do for us. Nonetheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices they make while raising us.

“I congratulate every woman on their resilience, fortitude and hard work. I see this day as a very special day to give a standing ovation to all Ghanaian women across the country. The labour of the Ghanaian woman will certainly not be in vain”.